בִּזְיוּנָאI, בִּיזְיוּנָא, בֵּי זְיוּנָא, בֵּי זְיָינָא m. (בֵּי a. זְיוּנָא; v. זוּן II a. זְיָינָא II) place or means of detention, whence 1) prison. Ber.56a Ms., v. בְּדַיְינֵי. Erub.11b קם אבבא דבי זיינא Ar. (in ed. last two words omitted) placed himself at the prison gate.Pl. בִּזְיוּנֵי. Sabb.32a (prov.) at the gate of shops (you have) many friends …, אבב ב׳ וב׳ (Ms. Oxf. אבי ב׳) at the prison gateno friends 2) (pl. as a sing. noun) lock, clasp, buckle. Sabb.57b what is istma? Answ. בזיוני. What is bizyuné? Answ. כליא פרותי what imprisons the flying (curls), v. אִיסְטְמָא.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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